Thursday, 4 October 2012

Sound Distortion

I recently came across a problem with listening to music on the headphones for the new Muse 2nd Law album that I had downloaded.

No matter what setting I altered the sound volume to on the laptop via shortcut Keys (Fn + up and down arrow keys) the sound was completely distorted as if listening through 1950's speaker.

On further investigation I found it was to do with the default audio settings which had been set to 150% and this is how I fixed it.

  • Set the volume to maximum for the music I was playing via the laptop keyboard keys.
  • In the top task bar left click the audio icon and select Sound Settings
  • Reduce the volume to 100% (as below)

From now on the maximum volume that can be chosen is 100% and this prevents the distortion

Monday, 1 October 2012

Music Player

Xubuntu comes with gmusicbrowser pre-installed. I don't know if i was doing anything wrong but when I tried to add an album folder to it only the first track would load. I've persevered for several weeks now but I finally sought out a replacement.

After a bit of research I found one called Guayadeque.

Its very simple to use, adding folders everytime I use it first time. it plays mp3, off, flac, wma, wav, ape,  mp4 and mpc.

It also writes and edits tags; integrates with, has smart play which watches the music you play and suggests similar taste from its playlists; can play and record radio broadcasts.

The cleverest thing is whatever track you play it will search out the lyrics and display them very clever.