Friday, 18 October 2013

Chromium Browser Not Setting As Default

I had a problem with Chromium when it had a fatal error and wouldn't restart. I had to delete the default profile to make it start again.

To do this:
Close Chromium.
Launch the Terminal (Alt + Ctrl + T)
Type the following:    mv ~/.config/chromium/Default ~/.config/chromium/Backup
Launch the Chromium again.  This time is should open without an error.
Once you have verified it works, close Chromium again.
Go back into Terminal and type:  rm -rf ~/.config/chromium/Default
Then type:   cp -R ~/.config/chromium/Backup ~/.config/chromium/Default
Exit Terminal and open Chromium and verify your data has returned (bookmarks, etc.)

Once this was solved everytime I started Chromium it would not set as the default browser. I clicked on Set as Default browser and opened Settings > Settings Manager. I clicked on Preferred Applications and on the Internet tab set default web browser as Chromium.

This still didn't work. But with a little help from the Google search engine I found the following fix in Terminal.

mkdir -p ~/.local/share/applications
touch ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list

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