Monday, 30 June 2014

Kingsoft Office

I have been using the Libreoffice Suite and it's predecessors for several years now quite happily. I resent paying stupid amounts of money for an Office Suite at home.

LibreOffice has served me well for the documents and spreadsheets I use at home.

On our second machine we have the great Operating System Linux Lite by Valtam which also uses the XFCE desktop. This is the main machine for my wife and son.

My son is currently in Year 8 of school and has to do a lot of work on the computer so I naturally encouraged him to use LibreOffice. However, he's not happy with the Suite as it is quite a bit different from the MS Office Suite he is used to in school. It is particularity troublesome when trying to place several pictures in his home work. They seem to jump all over the place, especially when a new picture is inserted and we have both spent several hours trying to sort out the formatting problems.

I recently heard about Kingsoft Office from China and the reviews I read on several forums is it is very similar to MS Office (using the ribbon bar - and for oldies like me you can select the classic menus); it also handles MS Word documents better than LibreOffice.

To install open the Terminal and type:

Once downloaded which will take a while type:
sudo dpkg -i kingsoft-office_9.1.0.4280~a12p4_i386.deb

You will then need to input your admin password to install and type:
sudo apt-get -f install

After installation you need to install a couple of symbol fonts which Kingsoft requires. These can be found here. To install them you require Font Manager from the Software Centre (or Synaptic) installed on your system. This will install them and your good to go.

I will let you know in future how we get on with Kingsoft.